Granny booties

Granny booties

Stitches used: ch- chain, hdc- half double crochet, dc- double crochet, sp- space, st- stitch, yo- yarn over,

Motif ( Granny Square): R1: ch3,join to form a ring.ch3, 2 dc into the ring, ch2, (3 dc into ring, ch2) 3x, join top of ch3,

R2: ch3 (count as 1st dc), dc in each ch round. Work ( dc, ch2, dc ) in ea ch2 space around.join top of ch3, finish off.

Ankle Ribbing:

R1: attach yarn in any ch2 space, ch21, attach to adjacent ch2 space ( being careful not to twist ch).This forms the foundation.

Row1: ch3, dc in ea ch space around, dc in ch2 sp, dc in ea 5 dc sts across instep, dc in ch2 sp, join to top of ch3. Count dc sts, it must be even no.

Row2: ch3 ( 1st back post dc), (front post dc in nxt dc, back post dc in nxt dc )  around.join to top of ch3

Row3 - 5: rep. row2 for ea. of rows 3-4-5. Finish off.weave ends.

Foot of Bootie:

R1: turn bootie upsidedown. Attach yarn to free loop fr. foundation ch of any st along side of bootie and ch1. Using the free loop fr foundation ch, hdc in same st and hdc in ea st around, 2 hdc in ch2 sp of granny square(motif) instep, hdc in ea dc of granny square, join

R2: ch1, hdc in same st, hdc in ea st around, join

R3: rep R2

R4: fold bootie in 1/2 lengthwise and mark extreme ends of toe and heel with pin. ch1, hdc in ea st around to 3rd st before toe or heel. Work 3hdc decreases over next 6 hdc st. continue hdc round, join. ( see explanation down for hdc decrease)

R5-6: rep R4 for 5-6 rounds. Finish off.

Finishing:  Turn bootie inside out and weave sole seam together. Be sure not to weave tightly, the sole of the bootie must be flat when finished.

HDC DECREASE: yo hook, insert hook in nxt st and pull up a loop, insert hook in 2nd st and pull up loop, yo and pull all 4 loops on hook.


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